Sep 042011

The last couple of posts have been for the absolute beginners, especially the students that I know are using the textbook Integrated Chinese published by Cheng & Tsui, so I thought I would do a post highlighting ready-made resources for that textbook series. If you know of others, please leave a comment.

The website has online flashcards and a memory game for the third edition. In addition to the flashcards and memory game, for the first/second editions, there are also Word docs of the texts, with audio (the one that I checked opened in Pages for the Mac just fine; once saved as a Pages file, the audio worked in Pages for iOS too).

I discussed the website in an earlier post, but I wanted to highlight the fact that in addition to the online flashcard tool, the site has a downloads section where you can find files in various formats ready to print or load into other flashcard apps or sites for on- or offline studying. Files are available for the third and second editions of Integrated Chinese (among other things).

If you’d rather just buy some pre-made print flashcards, there is a set made for Integrated Chinese, which includes a good bit more information than your basic flashcards.

Finally, here’s website of resources for Integrated Chinese (it looks like it was made in the mid-90s, but the content includes the third edition).

Find more products for Integrated Chinese at Amazon.

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