Mar 162012

The many ways to get a word a day

If you like the idea of trying to build your vocabulary by a word per day, there are a number of ways that you can get your fix. Previous posts covered word-of-the-day websites and iOS apps, but here are some services that will bring a word (or sentence) to you everyday via Twitter, e-mail, RSS, or your Google or Yahoo homepages.

Follow on Twitter:

Facebook apps:

RSS, e-mail, and more:

  • — Dr. Adeline Mah offers a word a day by e-mail.
  • Chinese Class 101 — In addition to the Twitter feed, subscribe by e-mail or add to iGoogle.
  • — Offers a selection of RSS feeds at various levels, and for both words and sentences. These can also be added to your iGoogle or My Yahoo page.
  • Learn Chinese Everyday — Subscribe via RSS or e-mail as provided by Feedburner.
  • MDBG — Subscribe to an RSS feed that provides up to 10 words/day from your choice of pre-2010 HSK levels.
  • Study More Chinese — Offers an RSS feed, corresponding to the @dailyzhongwen Twitter feed.
  • Transparent Language — In addition to the Flash-based widget on their website (and in this post), you can also get the word by e-mail and more. Note that the Twitter feed @chineselanguage has more content than just daily words.

Do you know of others? Please leave a comment!

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