Apr 082012

This has been airing a lot recently on US TV.

The vocabulary is actually not very advanced, although beginners may find the the dialogue hard to follow because it’s spoken rather quickly and low. Here’s a transcript:

Man: 不要太过分。
Woman: 我知道;我实在太喜欢。
Man: 不要让他知道。
Woman: 可是好漂亮。
Man: 让我解决;看我办事。
Salesman: 好极了!现在我开始准备文件。

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  1. For those who find the quickly/quietly spoken Mandarin dialogue hard to make out, or who are unfamiliar with some of the Chinese characters used in the post, here is a pinyin transcript (rough English translations are provided in subtitles in the video):

    Man: Bùyào tài guòfèn.
    Woman: Wǒ zhīdào; wǒ shízài tài xǐhuan.
    Man: Bùyào ràng tā zhīdào.
    Woman: Kěshì hǎo piàoliang.
    Man: Ràng wǒ jiějué; kàn wǒ bànshì.

    Salesman: Hǎo jí le! Xiànzài wǒ kāishǐ zhǔnbèi wénjiàn.

    (Typed on an iPad with my app Pinyin Typist (web). See this blog’s excellent reviews of Pinyin Typist 1.6 and Pinyin Typist 2.0.)

  2. Thanks, Wayne! I should have included a pinyin version.

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