Apr 062012

This week was 清明节 Qīngmíngjié, known in English as the Tomb Sweeping Festival or, more literally, the Clear Bright (or Pure Brightness) Festival. The story of its relation to the 寒食节 Hánshíjié (Cold Food Festival) is told in the iOS app from Rye Studio called 清明节. This app has features similar to the Rye Studio Beast Nian app, reviewed in a previous post.


Jie Zhitui prepares food for exiled Chong'er in a scene from Rye Studio's app

The characters are:
晋献公 Jìn Xiàn gōng
Duke Xian of Jin
重儿 Chóng’ěr
one of his younger sons; later 晋文公 Jìn Wén gōng Duke Wen of Jin
骊姬 Lí Jī
a favored concubine  (妃子 fēizi) of Jìn Xiàn gōng
介之推 Jiè Zhītuī
a devoted subject, who followed Chóng’ěr into exile

Here is some other key vocabulary:
祭祖 jìzǔ
to offer sacrifices to one’s ancestors
扫墓 sǎomù
to sweep the tombs (of one’s ancestors)
国君 guójūn
太子 tàizǐ
crown prince
流亡 liúwáng
to force into exile; to be exiled; in exile

The 清明节 story app is available on the 海燕出版社:清明节 -by Rye Studio™ - lv miao. It was free as of this writing, but that may be temporary for the holiday.

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