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Dec 092010
神奇树房 Magic Tree House

The Magic Tree House (神奇树房 / 神奇樹房 shénqí shù fáng) book series for children has been published in bilingual editions (English text at back of book) by Hubei Children’s Press. I picked up a copy of number 13 at a conference in the US. I love how the English title is Vacation under the Volcano but the Chinese title is 古城末日 Gǔchéng mòrì, literally Ancient City Doomsday.” This one will not teach you anything about Chinese culture, but rather a bit about ancient Roman culture (the volcano is Mt. Vesuvius). I wanted no. 14 Day of the Dragon King, which is about a Chinese myth, but it wasn’t available at the time. Bilingual editions of the Magic Tree House Books are available in the US from ChinaSprout. The simplified character versions do not have pinyin. ChinaSprout says the traditional character editions have zhuyin (they seem to be from a different publisher). … [read more]