Oct 172011
Phonetic guide in iOS app Pages

The update to Pages for iOS that came out last week (version 1.5) brought the ability to add phonetic guides (aka “ruby text”) to Chinese characters! Pinyin (UPDATE: or Zhuyin) transliterations can be added above hanzi (there are variations for Japanese and Korean, too). The transliteration is done automatically for the selected word(s); you do not have to enter it manually. A good feature of this implementation is the ease with which you can edit the supplied transliteration (I found trying to edit phonetic guide text in OpenOffice very frustrating). The image to the left above shows the pinyin supplied by default for the selected words; the image to the right shows the same after manual editing (since these are proper names). Pros: Transliterations supplied automatically. Ability to edit transliterations when first adding them or at a later time. Cons, major: Phonetic guides are not supported in Pages for Mac, … [read more]