Jun 142011
OCR Chinese with Adobe Acrobat

Suppose you have a printed magazine and you want to have a digitized version of an article (for converting from traditional to simplified or vice versa, adding interlinear pinyin, annotating/highlighting, carrying around on your iPhone, or whatever). You can scan the page, but this will not allow you to make any sorts of changes or additions to the text. That’s where OCR (optical character recognition) comes in. OCR software  makes the text of the scan selectable for copying and editing. To recognize characters, OCR software needs to be aware of the language (or at least the character set) that it is “reading.” Among its many features, Adobe Acrobat (not the free Adobe Reader) can perform OCR on Chinese texts in both traditional and simplified Chinese. Simply open a pdf scan in Acrobat and choose Document > OCR Text Recognition > Recognize Text Using OCR. In the dialogue box that appears, click the … [read more]

Apr 222011
iOS Chinese character converters

Sometimes you need to convert simplified to traditional characters or vice versa, or convert between characters and pinyin. With both of these, you paste or type into a text box and can copy the result to the clipboard to use in another app. Both can convert between character types. Proceed to page 2 for the specifics of each. Pages: 1 2