Flashcard apps

Sep 252011
iOS app HanCard updated

The flashcard app, HanCard, has been updated to offer pre-made card sets for popular textbooks, such as Integrated Chinese and New Practical Chinese Reader, as well as for the HSK exam. These sets are available as in-app purchases at various prices. The first chapter of each textbook is available for free. You can also test the functionality of the app with the included free card sets (most frequent characters and Hong Kong grade levels).

Jul 172011
iOS app: iFCL

This is a basic flip-and-grade-yourself flashcard app. The lite version, which I tested, comes loaded with cards for all 14 chapters of volume one of the textbook series “New Practical Chinese Reader.” You can put anything (choice of traditional characters, simplified characters, pinyin, and English) on each side, but there are only two sides. Pros: Flipping to the “answer” side shows all the info for the card, no matter what two things you put on each side (but the print size makes the characters extremely hard to read). Choose any combination of chapters within the volume (I’m not sure if the full version allows you to select chapters across volumes). Cons: No way to customize font sizes. Only two card sides. Swiping motion to flip and grade is more tiring than tapping would be. Kitschy pink, lined card design on woodgrain background. For features to look for in flashcard apps … [read more]

Jul 092011

In switching to the new site platform, I have discontinued the information about all-purpose flashcard apps for iOS because the website flashcardapps.info covers this much, much better. As of this post there are 130 apps detailed on that site, and you can search them based on features such as audio or image support, syncing, import/export, and tracking (I discuss desirable flashcard features on this page). You can see which apps have free versions or formatted for the iPad. It’s a really useful and beautiful site. You can also follow the developer’s Twitter feed @flashcardapps to hear when new apps appear.