Chinese flashcard websites


There are many websites that allow you to create flashcards for any subject and some of these may have better functionality than the sites below (please see the page “Choosing a digital flashcard app or site“), but these Chinese specific flashcard sites may have other advantages, such as integration with a Chinese dictionary.

  • — If you read French, this is pretty cool. Review with flashcards, then test yourself by typing in pinyin or by selecting the definition from a multiple-choice. You can also get prompted with pinyin and definition so that you can practice writing characters (requires paper). Includes audio (although I had some issue with the audio not matching the word I was seeing).
  • — Use online or download spreadsheets, csv, text, xml, pdf files, or even files ready to import into popular flashcard apps like Pleco, ZDT, and Mnemosyne. Has lists for popular textbooks like New Practical Chinese Reader and Integrated Chinese, as well as the HSK lists.
  • — This is called “character flashcards” on the site, but it doesn’t really function like flashcards. Paste in a text or choose from (old) HSK levels. Then you can click through the dictionary entries, with all the useful features of the mbdg dictionary (see the Web dictionaries page), one by one. But you see the character, transliterations, meanings, etc. all at once, so I wouldn’t really call them flashcards.
  • — Choose Beginnger, Intermediate, or Advanced HSK. Basic flip and mark yourself right or wrong.
  • — Choose from certain textbooks, HSK lists, most common characters, HK or Taiwanese grade levels, or radicals. Flip and mark yourself right, wrong, or unsure. Repeats wrong ones at random places. Results give percentage, time overall. Extra features by paid subscription, which you can sample.

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