Mac OS dictionaries


Here is a list of dictionary apps for the Mac. If you know of others, or if details need updating, please let me know.
MDBG — A Chinese–English dictionary that can be added to the built-in Mac OS Dictionary app. Free trial version includes (old) HSK level 1–4 words. A larger paid version is available for $19.90 (Mar. 2011).

Xiao cidian — Two dictionaries that can be added to the built-in Mac OS Dictionary app (Ch-Eng and Eng-Ch are separate). Free (Mar. 2011).

Talaqa — $19.99 at the Talaqa Chinese-English Dictionary - Thimar International (July 2011).

UsualDict — An extensible dictionary app. Includes a Chinese dictionary, but can be expanded with dictionary files in StarDict format. Note-taking feature. $4.99 at the UsualDict - Your Handy Dictionary - Pebble Wave LLC (Mar. 2011).

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