Dec 172012
"Landscript" by Xu Bing

See the character 門 mén near the middle of this painting? See the 窗 chuāng on either side of it? These aren’t the only characters that form part of the image in this 2001 painting by Xu Bing (徐冰), which was a gift to the Harvard Art Museums. Here’s a slightly edited version of the description from the Harvard Art Museums’ website.  (I’ve added the Chinese characters and tone marks on the pinyin in the list of words). … this painting depicts a thatched-roof cottage set in a lush landscape. The cottage sits at the very center of the composition, nestled between a small lake in the foreground and a series of rolling hills in the background and flanked on either side by groves of trees. Grasses and short bamboo plants surround the lake, in which various insects swim. A small, tile-roofed building appears to the (viewer’s) left of the … [read more]