Mar 042011

The website helps you learn foreign language vocabulary (the Romance languages, CJK [Simplified Chinese only at this point], German, Russian, Hindi, and Arabic, plus English) with a Flash-based typing game. I find it rather addictive (after each game I always think I can do a bit better on the next and so keep playing). There are two variations on the game, RollingZilla and PowerTranslator. In RollingZilla, little Zillas (I assume they are called that; they are round cartoon creatures) with words written on them drop from the top of the game screen and you have to type the translation before the Zilla reaches the bottom of the screen. As the game gets going, multiple Zillas may be onscreen at the same time; you can type in the translations in any order and let ones you don’t know go by (which count as wrong, but don’t take up time). You … [read more]