Jul 102011
iOS app: Chinese Vocabulary Quiz 123

UPDATE: The full version of this app is now free. The developer has ceased work on it. Grab it while you can; it’s still a good app (although there is a small glitch in the animation) and works on an iPhone 4S running iOS 5. Chinese Vocabulary Quiz 123 is a multiple choice quiz, but for each word there are several multiple choice “questions”: you have to select the correct pinyin, draw the correct tone mark (repeating these steps for the other syllables of multi-syllable words), and finally choose the correct meaning. There is also a simple study mode where you can see a page for each word with all the info for it at once. It was not clear to me at first what the checkmarks and x’s are in this mode, but it seems the app keeps track of how many times you get each word right or … [read more]