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Mar 162012
Get your daily Chinese word by Twitter, e-mail, RSS, etc.

If you like the idea of trying to build your vocabulary by a word per day, there are a number of ways that you can get your fix. Previous posts covered word-of-the-day websites and iOS apps, but here are some services that will bring a word (or sentence) to you everyday via Twitter, e-mail, RSS, or your Google or Yahoo homepages. Follow on Twitter: @chineseclass101 @chineselanguage @chinesesentence @dailyzhongwen @nciku Facebook apps: Chinese Audio Word of the Day Multilingual Made Easy RSS, e-mail, and more: chinesecharacteraday.com — Dr. Adeline Mah offers a word a day by e-mail. Chinese Class 101 — In addition to the Twitter feed, subscribe by e-mail or add to iGoogle. chinese-course.com — Offers a selection of RSS feeds at various levels, and for both words and sentences. These can also be added to your iGoogle or My Yahoo page. Learn Chinese Everyday — Subscribe via RSS or e-mail … [read more]

Jul 092011
iOS apps to increase vocabulary by one word per day

There are lots of resources (web, app, and even print) for increasing your vocabulary by one word per day. For this approach to be most effective, I would recommend adding your daily words to flashcard lists (perhaps arranged thematically, or b y radical) so that you can review regularly. Several iOS developers maintain Chinese word-of-the-day apps. All links are to the iTunes App Store (prices as of post date). First, Declan Software. Each includes pinyin (with tone numbers) and audio. You can also share your daily word by e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter. Chinese Word of the Day – Declan Software. Free. Chinese (Traditional) Word of the Day – Declan Software. Free. Next up, Prometoys. This app actually gave me nine words when launched for the first time. For some reason the part of speech is a big icon and the hanzi very small. No pinyin or audio, but it does give … [read more]