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Welcome to the new version of the site. The old version is temporarily available at zhongweb.weebly.com.

中网 Zhongweb is a site for people learning Chinese (Mandarin). I hope to bring you tools, tips, and techniques to make your study more fun and effective, particularly if you are studying on your own. Language is a gateway to culture, but the focus here is definitely on language-learning, rather than cultural notes.

Warning: Regarding computers and mobile devices I only have access to Apple hardware and so normally only review Mac and iOS software; I am not equipped to talk about Windows/Linux/Android products, but some of the apps have versions for other platforms, so I hope you will still find some useful information here.

Mac / iOS / web developers: Have an app for learning Chinese or a general purpose language learning app?

Publishers: Releasing Chinese textbooks, readers, or other learning materials (print or electronic)?

Contact me about having your products reviewed on the blog.


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  4 Responses to “Welcome to 中网 Zhongweb”

  1. Hi,
    I’m a Chinese language teacher in Australia, found your site on Google while searching for Ruby text for my new Mac Book Pro, apparently no luck there yet, but thanks very much for telling me about ruby text for the iPad Pages, its a cut a paste then email job, but it’ll do for now. Cant wait till Apple does it for the Mac, great site and very informative.

    • Wang laoshi,

      Thanks so much for your comment! It will be great when Apple brings both the ruby function of Pages for iOS and the vertical text ability of TextEdit for Mac to Pages for Mac.

      Lin Ai

  2. For Ruby text on OSX, try using a Ruby font; I use these:


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